MetalCore NFTs Will Be Priced Reasonably

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MetalCore is mechs battle game to be released in 2022, which we cover extensively in this article. As a mechs game it bears some resemblance with Phantom Galaxies, although MetalCore really has an hardcore gamer DNA. During an AMA that took place today on their Discord, the development team gave exciting details, especially on MetalCore NFTs.

First Alpha Tests During Spring 2022

While the white paper will be released this month and the first NFTs will be available later in the winter, we’ll have to wait more to start playing.

The first alpha tests will open in late April or early May. Only owners of at least one MetalCore NFT will be allowed to play. Those events will be for stress-testing, and not open continuously but rather for a few hours, during several weekends. The team indeed confirmed these tests will happen on a weekly basis.

You will need a gaming PC to play. Even though parts of the game will ultimately be playable on console, web browser and mobile (especially the turn-based version), the main focus of the team is to test the hardcore version of MetalCore.

MetalCore NFT and Passive Income Opportunities

We’ve also got some interesting news about the NFTs, about their price and the possibilities to generate passive income for NFT holders.

NFT Price and Rarity

The team stressed the fact that they don’t want the vehicles and objects to cost “something crazy like 3 ETH, which is way too high”. Instead, they are internally discussing prices around 0.5 ETH or even below. They don’t want MetalCore NFTs to be a significant investment for the players, which is an approach that many of us will welcome. There are indeed concerns on play-to-earn NFT costs that have skyrocketed in the past weeks, and certain companies like Gala Games – for its Town Star blockchain game – have recently decided to decrease the price of their store items.

So far, there are four level of rarity for a MetalCore NFT. 65% of the items will be common, 25% uncommon, and the remaining 10% will be divided between rare and legendary NFTs.

Passive Income Opportunities

We know passive income for NFT holders and other rewards will be a significant part of the play-to-earn combat game. $MGT, MetalCore’s governance token, will be at the center of it through staking and yielding mechanisms.

Examples of such possibilities are holding an NFT land, from which resources will bring an income. Reinvesting in the land will be possible and lead to greater rewards. Players will also be able to stake tokens into a faction, and they’ll get weekly rewards based on the faction’s success, such as domination of a certain land. Finally, players can rent out mechs to the barony (aka MetalCore guilds). We understand indeed that players can stake their MetalCore governance tokens into a barony’s garage, in order to speed up repair rates of vehicle, and therefore increasing the rewards rate.

Those are the passive income opportunities that will be built into the game, but the team mentioned that gamers will certainly come up with new ways. We can’t wait to find out.

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