Phantom Galaxies: NFT, Token, Release Date… Everything We Know

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Phantom Galaxies is probably one of the most anticipated blockchain games. This promising AAA title combines open-world simulation with fast-paced mech shooters and a captivating storyline.

A Promising Blockchain Game

Phantom Galaxies is being developed as a joint effort by Blowfish Studios and Animoca Brands. Its storyline is inspired by the robot and mech fantasy of the 80s. Looking keenly at the game, one can see it is a perfect combination of Transformers and Gundam as the foundation for its universe. 

The premise of Phantom Galaxies is the planet Neotera, which was once a place of warring factions with different ideologies. Neoterra is invaded by an alien force called the Sha’Kari, who are the priest caste of the Sha’Har race. The Sha’Kari Zealots are hell-bent on destroying humans for the desecration of their holy ground, which is the entire planet of Neoterra. Warring factions on Neoterra join forces to fight back the invading Sha’Kari. 

How to Play Phantom Galaxies

Phantom Galaxies is a well-designed shared world that is designed as a 3RD person action RPG game. It is designed as an AAA space title that features great mechanics, which bridge the expectation of a traditional gamer while offering them the benefit of blockchain games.

To play the game, a player takes control of a pilot, who can jump into a mech suit that features various stats. Players have the choice of choosing a Lancer, Buster, Breacher, or Assault class mech suit. A lancer suit is designed for stealth and is slick and agile. The Buster features a lot of firepower for crashing the enemies. Breachers are specialized in melee attacks, while the Assault class mechs are designed for standard commando operations.

Players have numerous opportunities to upgrade their gear and collect in-game items. There is also a trading post where players can switch up items with other players.

Where are Phantom Galaxies’ NFTs?

As a blockchain game, it is deeply integrated with NFTs. These Phantom Galaxies NFTs allow players to do things like own ships, avatars, mechs, and equipment, which they create or buy in the game. Players go out on missions where they solve puzzles, gather resources to craft items, run marketplaces, and form corporations. Non-fungible tokens will be associated with in-game products and characters, and they have utility within the game. Since it runs on the blockchain, the economics will be safe and fully transparent

Phantom Galaxies Release Date and Token Details

According to its developers, the Early Access version of the game will be released for major game consoles and Windows PC in Q2 2022. A release date for the mobile version of the game has not been announced.

Before that, they plan to release Phantom Galaxies NFT collectibles and Game utility NFTs in Q4 2021. In Q1 2022, the developers will release Starfighter NFT Drops and Generative avatars. Everyone is welcome to connect the crypto wallet to be eligible for the first free NFT airdrop. Plans to release a token for the upcoming Phantom Galaxies game have not been announced.

Phantom Galaxies Trailer

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