Town Star: List of Rewards per NFT & How to Earn Coins in 2022

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Town Star is the first play-to-earn game by Gala Games, one of the first companies dedicated to Blockchain Gaming. Things are moving fast and Gala Games published no official rewards list for Town Star. To palliate that lack, an Excel sheet made by players circulates on Gala Games’s Discord. It’s not easy to find, so the Whale Journal publishes it here. Except for some tweaks for clarity, the credits go to Town Star players.

Also, keep in mind that changes may happen (and we’ll do our best to update this list). Even though rewards for NFTs are less likely to change now, they have moved quite a lot in the first month since Town Star became a play-to-earn blockchain game. For example, the Solar Panel started earning 5 Town Coins, then 15, and now 16! Most of the changes were positive for NFT owners, fortunately.

How to Earn Money With Town Star?

To earn money with Town Star, you need to play the game with at least one NFT, and have some Gala Power (meaning owning at least one Gala token). The amount of Town Coin you get as a reward depends on the NFT (see the list below). You can place multiple NFTs in the game, but you need Gala Power to do it.

What is Gala Power?

The number of NFTs you can use depends on your Gala Power. If it is at level 1, you can place one NFT only. If your Gala Power is at level 2, you can place 2 NFTs, and so on. Town Coins count double (1 Town = 2 Gala). Every 5000 Gala (or 2500 Town), you go up one level.

List of Town Coin Rewards per NFT

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Here is the list of Town Star NFT earnings (last update: April 2022 – the USD value is shown as of April 23rd):

NFTTOWN EarningsUSD valuePassive Ability (if applicable)
Ancient Bitrue Wheat Stand3,075$279.83Passive Wheat +6
DigiFinex Cotton Stand2,832$257.71
Legendary Bitrue Wheat Stand2,577$234.51Passive Wheat +5
Legendary Tesla Coil1,155$105.11
Legendary Solar Panel666$60.61
Legendary Lolli and Pop Shop350$31.85
Into the Galaverse 2021202.1$18.39
Elfbot Home200$18.20
Haunted Main Tower140$12.74
Rare Tesla Coil140$12.74
Epic Bitrue Wheat Stand120$10.92Passive Wheat +4
Cranebot Home100$9.10
Rare Solar Panel100$9.10
Rare Simplex Sugarcane Stand100$9.10
OKEx Barter Station91$8.28
Haunted Front Porch79$7.19
Alfa Fountain Majestic75$6.83
Saltybot Home75$6.83
Legendary Water Tower72$6.55
Legendary Wheat Stand72$6.55Passive Wheat +5
Rare Bitrue Wheat Stand70$6.37Passive Wheat +3
Haunted East Wing60$5.46
Haunted West Wing60$5.46
Tesla Coil60$5.46
Rare Lolli and Pop Shop55$5.01
Alfa Fountain Great50$4.55
Legendary Brine Storage45$4.10
Legendary Grape Storage45$4.10
Legendary Sugarcane Storage45$4.10
Alfa Fountain Good35$3.19
Legendary Stylin Ride32$2.91Passive Iron +2
Broken History (Curry Flow Shoes)30$2.73
Lolli and Pop Shop25$2.28
Bitrue Wheat Stand24$2.18Passive Wheat +2
Simplex Sugarcane Stand24$2.18Passive Sugarcane +2
Epic Wheat Stand20$1.82
Epic Water Tower18$1.64
Epic Wheat Storage18$1.64
Rare Wheat Stand17$1.55Passive Wheat +3
Solar Panel16$1.46
Epic Stylin Ride16$1.46Passive Iron +1
Haunted Crypt14$1.27
Haunted Graveyard14$1.27
Rare Brine Storage14$1.27
Rare Grape Storage14$1.27
Rare Sugarcane Storage14$1.27
Rare Water Tower14$1.27
Rare Wheat Storage14$1.27
Wheat Stand14$1.27Passive Wheat +2
Epic Basketball Court13$1.18
Grape Storage11$1.00
Water Tower11$1.00
Brine Storage11$1.00
Wheat Storage11$1.00
Buggy Mr. Puddles10$0.91
Mr. Puddles9$0.82
Alfa Fountain Ok8$0.73
Rare Basketball Court7$0.64
The Lab (Curry Flow Shoes)7$0.64
Death Row Records5$0.46Passive Water +2
Uncommon Basketball Court3$0.27
Water Tank3$0.27Passive Water +1
Gala Turntable3$0.27Passive Water +1
Basketball Court2$0.18
Express Depot1$0.09

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You can use our Gala Games referral code: 612355d640a9957e0e535b9b This way you will support The Whale Journal to provide blockchain gaming guides and news for free!

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