Gala Games Releases Cemeteries NFT for Mirandus, But What Will They Do?

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Mirandus, the highly anticipated medieval fantasy game from Gala Games, now has more NFTs available. Three types of cemeteries have just been released and are now available for purchase. With the floor price sitting today at $23,000, what will be their role in the game and are they worth the high price?

What is Mirandus?

Mirandus is an upcoming medieval fantasy game with play-to-earn features and a real-world economy. Several different NFTs for lands, buildings and players have been released since early 2021.

The game is developed for the Gala platform by Gala Games itself (other studio develop blockchain games for the platform as well). It’s expected to be released in 2022, with some playable bits being released during before Christmas 2021.

Cemeteries Purpose in Mirandus

Mirandus developed warned several times already that death in the game will have severe consequences, with the goal of bringing actual fear of death. Players might lose points, progress, and even items in some cases.

Dead players will spawn back at cemeteries. This alone is a first indication that cities might want to get a cemetery within their walls to ensure a constant flow of players. Because death has harsh consequences, players seeking to minimize their loss will have to pay a fee to the Mirandus cemetery owner.

While low level players will not lose much because of their death, more experienced ones are more likely to prefer paying a fee than losing their progress. While not much details have been published by Gala so far (like for other Mirandus NFTs), this prospects caused a rush among investors to buy their own Mirandus cemetery.

Mirandus Cemeteries Dropped to Gala Games Nodes

Like for other game NFTs, Gala Games node owners received a part of the Mirandus cemeteries. A few of them have indeed been dropped to the nodes. At the time of writing this article, Gala Games nodes are priced at $28,000 and 36,000 of them have been sold, out of a total of 50,000.

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