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Messi in Paris : PSG’s Token Rallies (Paris Saint-Germain Fan Token)

The transfer of Leo Messi from FC Barcelona to Paris-Saint Germain generates talks about the millions of euros at stake in his salary or...

BlockFi Credit Card Review: Does it Live Up to Its Promise?

BlockFi just released its own rewards credit card. To help you decide whether you should sign up for it, here is our BlockFi credit...

“Silk Road” Movie Review: a Thriller on the Drugs & Bitcoins Story

This Amazon movie comes back on the Silk Road true story, from its inception to its fall. It tells us the point of view...

China Digital Currency and Privacy Issues with Sovereign e-Coins

China is famously skeptical of cryptocurrencies, which could undermine government's control over an economy that is heavily influenced by political decisions. To counter the...

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