[Alpha Alert] Grimace Coin (v2): A McDonald’s Themed Token, Community Driven

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The Grimace Coin is a new token with a McDonal’s theme. It’s been mentioned by McDonald’s official Twitter page, although Grimace Coin is not affiliated to it.

This article is not a financial advice. It is an alpha alert, meaning the Whale Journal merely provides awareness about early projects. This type of project is always risky, because of its lack of history and verifiable information. Do your own research.

Short but turbulent history

The first version of the Grimace Coin contract showed good potential for hype, and comes from McDonald’s tweet in response to Elon Musk. Problem: many Grimace Coins appeared following that tweet, and of course all claim to be the one mentioned by the fast-food company, even if they were created afterwards…

During the v1, the community acted agains the the original team who was planning on slow rugging and not deploying any of the funds from marketing wallet to do actual marketing. The community included a bunch of legit whales from Shiba and Floki. They came together and made a v2. The v1 team then rugged the project.

v2 has a new team coming from the community. They would have whale connections and claim to have connections with celebrities (from their Telegram). The new v2 got listed on CoinMarketCap within 24 hours. They claim to have big marketing plans.

Rumors (unconfirmed)

Monopoly style NFT board game with a playable beta in February 2022. Nostalgia branding. Interest from whales. This is all just claims for now, and nothing can be verified at that point. Investing in this token would be highly risky.


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